Whats included with your registration

Your WENT 2019 registration includes 1 event shirt, 1 event sticker, 1 event moral patch, 3 event raffle tickets, 1 Meet and Greet meal, 1 BBQ raffle night meal and registration goodie bag.


Whats not included

All park fees, camping or hotel will not be included in your registration fee. (see www.windrockpark.com for more info)

Windrock offers primitive camping with a nice bath house or cabins. Oak Ridge, TN has many hotels and fine dinning restaurants with in a 10 mile radius of the park.


Guided Trails

The WENT staff works hard to keep you safe on the trails. When you sign up for the event, your registration with allow you to choose each days trails. From basic trail rides to extreme rock crawling WENT has something for your comfort level. If you have any questions on which trail is right for you contact the staff thru the website or WENTwindrock Facebook page.  Youtube is also a great resource for trails as well.

Whats required

  1.  Road worthy truck (Please do not slow the groups down because you do not maintain your truck.)
  2. CB radio (Great way to know whats going on and communicate with your trail leader)

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Whats not required

  1. You are not required to modify your truck or SUV. Stock vehicles can have fun and be challenged. Please do not feel the need to spend large amounts of money to have a good time. (Damage can happen but should not be expected depending on trail selection)

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Helpful items

  1. drinking water (Tennessee can be hot in Sept)
  2. Tire pressure gauge (Many air their tires down on the trails)
  3. Food for lunch (Pizza Hut will not deliver on the trails)
  4. Rain gear (Its been known to rain at times)
  5. Full tank of fuel (nuff said)
  6. Basic set of tools (a small basic kit can be your friend on the trails)
  7. Tow straps (Great for a mud hole)

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